Saturday, August 29, 2009

Arms Up!

Oh, and in case you were wondering - he is totally playing with my dirty laundry on the floor :) I can honestly say that I have been waiting (patiently as I have loved going through the stages with Connor) for the day that I would come into his room and he would sit up in his crib with his arms up. Ah, it just melts my heart thinking about it. While he hasn't figured out how to do that yet, he has figured out how to throw his arms up in the air when he wants to be held! It is about the sweetest little thing I know! He will even, while laying on his tummy, look back at you and throw one arm up in the air. Oh, he is too sweet for this momma to handle. I swear he is growing like a weed these days and always up to something new. He is the happiest little man and he just loves hanging out. I get excited when he wakes up and I know I will run in his room and go "uh! there is a MOOSE in here!!" and he will grin, giggle, kick his legs, shake his whole body and just wait for me to pick him up. My second favorite would have to be when he is sitting on the couch, floor, bed, with his little belly hanging over his pants and the arms go up like "momma, daddy, I need you." Love you, love you sweet pea!

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