Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Prayer Request

Hi Friends, I am sending out a request for prayers! I have a good friend who is pregnant with beautiful twin girls - and she needs some prayers! She just found out she will be on bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy (she is 17 weeks) as she has developed a blood clot in the placenta of Baby Girl A. The babies are looking great, as is mom, but they sure could use a few extra prayers for the next few months. She was able to leave the hospital yesterday but will be on strict bedrest until the little ladies arrive on December 4th. I talked to her yesterday as she was putting on her "leg machines" (so she doesn't develop more blood clots) and getting ready to be hooked up to the good old toco machine (to monitor the girls) and I almost cried. All the feelings and emotions I had while sitting in the hospital bed with my leg machines and toco machines came flooding back and I wished she didn't have to go through this. So if you wouldn't mind, as you are saying your prayers at night, throwing in an extra one for my friend and her family, I sure would appreciate it!

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