Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I feel like I am just now starting to realize how much laundry is involved with a youngin. I didn't think it was too bad before - even when I use cloth diapers. However, now that the little munchkin in eating and requires what seems like three bibs a day I feel like we do laundry all the time. It's crazy! The washing machine and dryer are constantly in use over at Casa De Granny's poor Granny can barely get her own laundry in! I think we do a load almost every other day and we have a lot of bibs! Seeing as little cuteness is also growing out of his pjammies at what seems like warp speed I am also constantly throwing those in the wash. He just has too good of a time eating his veggies that he gets is everywhere. I don't mind doing laundry, I kind of like it in fact. I just wish a magical little fairy would come and put it away for me. That's the part I don't like - putting it away. I like the sorting, washing and folding - I just have such a hard time getting it back in it's home. I just thought it was kind of funny - I didn't really notice it until just now, with the addition of the dirty bibs just how much time is spent on laundry with the addition of little man! I wonder if I will still be saying "I like doing laundry" after the second one!

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