Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Homerun Derby!

As you can imagine - St. Louis is all a flutter with the All Star Game festivities at Busch Stadium. It has been so neat to watch everything and know that it is all happening in good ole St. Louie. We steered clear of downtown much of the weekend - it would have been fun, but it was so hot and we didn't know how Connor would do in the hot, Hot, HOT! BUT - Bj was lucky enough to score two homerun derby tickets from his dad! He was so excited to go - he loves anything sports related - and couldn't wait to be a part of such a memorable event.
He and his brother were ready to go and downtown early to see what it was all about. He said it was just so amazing to be watching something like that, at his home stadium. It was truly a once in a lifetime thing as the All Star Game won't be back to St. Louis in our lifetime, most likely. He came home armed with a blanket, patch, cup and lots of pictures. He said it was just packed with people and so exciting to cheer on all of our Cardinal favorites! We watched the game from home and got a kick out of all of the fans sitting outside watching the Derby from the Jumbotron! It is going to be such a neat story to tell C when he is older - that we watched the homerun derby while daddy was there! We are going to go to the zoo tomorrow with Aunt Maggie and get our picture taken by the All Star Arch - just another little keepsake for the bugster!!

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