Saturday, July 4, 2009

Connor Says...Happy 4th!

We went downtown to George's office building to watch the fireworks last night! We had an amazing view and it was so fun to spend the evening with great friends and family. We got there early to and had some dinner, drinks and great conversation. Connor was rocking his Fourth of July outfit - but was changed into his jammies and missed the fireworks by about 10 minutes - he was so tired he just couldn't hold on any longer! We were so sad, we were hoping he would be able to see them - but he said guys, I am TOO tired! :) He was up long enough to post for a picture in this super cute hat though.Momma even borrowed one for the picture, though C looks a little bit cuter!
This is how sweet pea watched the fireworks - we hoped if we had him facing the window he might wake up, he didn't think so though. He said he wanted to wait until next year :)
There he is...Happy Fourth he says! In between snacking on his fingers that is. We were going to go to the parade today but it was too rainy - so we opted for naps and lounging instead!
We wish everyone a wonderful weekend with friends and family! We are enjoying ours and are so thankful for our freedom and Independence. Daddy had to work last night, so we are going to have a little BBQ tonight and see if we can catch the fireworks again this evening!

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