Monday, July 20, 2009

Aunt Maggie Visits the Lou!

We have been having all kinds of fun over at Casa de Granny these days - it's been a whirlwind! Aunt Maggie was in town and was so good about rolling with all of my plan changes. We were going to take the little man to the zoo, but changed our minds when he spiked his fever. She came over on Thursday night, hung out for bath and bedtime and then we went out on the town for Happy Hour. I mean...we were laughing, we both haven't been out that late in a long time! We met four of our friends from high school at Robust in Webster (a super cute little wine bar) and were out until 12:30 - this momma hasn't been out that late in awhile! We had the best time and the wine was just flowing like water - it was so fun to catch up!
Eli was feeding his animals and Connor was too busy reading - but Aunt Sandra and Aunt Maggie were ready to pose for the picture!
I mean...he is 7 months old and reading - can we say smartest little man around?!
He was just having fun on the swings - you like the drool that's starting to come out of his mouth!?
We were thinking about going to the Zoo in the morning - but opted for a picnic at the park with Aunt Sandra, Aunt Maggie and Eli instead! We had such a great day - and Connor was all tuckered out and ready for the drive to the Lake!

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