Thursday, June 4, 2009

Toothless Larry

My bugster is teething up something fierce these days and I think his days of being "Toothless Larry" could be behind us before we know it. I SWEAR I see two little tooth buds bottom middle, but then he starts gnawing on my finger and I SWEAR I feel them all over. Perhaps he is getting them in all at once as opposed to this being an on-going problem?! Wishful thinking, I know. He is a little cranky, bless his hear, but I just mainly feel so bad for him. He has no idea what is going on and why his mouth suddenly hurts, it's just awful. I have armed myself with every possible thing - the AWESOME mesh feeder bags, homeopathic teething tablets, baby orajel, and possibly every teething ring size and shape on the market. I have frozen a washcloth and I am anxiously awaiting his six month check-up where frozen fruit and veggies will replace the ice in the mesh bags. Yikes - I hope some of these puppies start coming in and providing some relief. Any other suggestions from experienced momma's?
He pretty much will chew on ANYTHING in sight - including my fingers, hand, his blankie, my shoulder, my chin and cheeks. The poor little man - it seems to help so my appendages are his for the gnawing. It is almost rare nowadays to catch him without his finger or my finger (or whoever is holding him's finger) in or near his mouth. He is also the king of drool and loves to leave his slobbering smile on everything he sees.

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