Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Tale of Two Lovies

Technically it is three lovies - but the title was so much better when I said two! At least I have my priorities straight. And for the record, Connor wouldn't look at the camera because he was staring at the dogs who were wrestling at his feet! :) You may have noticed that C has a little "lovey" in all of his pictures - he LOVES these things. He has three - one from Aunt Lauren, one from Momma, and this doggie from The Shahinian's. The doggie is by far his favorite, but he loves the other two blankets as well. He will fuss in his car seat until the lovey is in hand, and he loves to suck on them, eat them and nuzzle with them. We think it's precious - and I secretly love that he has something because I had (and still have in the closet) Derby, my stuffed rabbit, and Bj (still has in his Grandpa's basement) had a camel that he carried around. It is pretty cute and it will be fun to see if this love carries on with him, or if in the future he has another little security blanket/animal of some sort!

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