Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I will start with the background - for those of you who know and love Bj you know he is a huge Phish fan. I fondly remember the summer he left camp (in his green blazer I still miss) early to go on "tour" with Phish. He was so excited - with his ponytail and patchwork pants, he was set. He talks all the time about the adventures and lessons he learned that summer. He has a video of the last show at Coventry and occasionally when a night with friends wraps up he will bring out the old video and show it to anyone who will watch. Imagine his delight when Phish decided to to take a break from their hiatus and tour again! We were lucky enough to find some tickets for the show at The Fabulous Fox, we lined up Nana and Granny to watch C, picked up the VW Bus and we were ready to go! Not only was in my inaugural appearance it was the bus' as well - she made it with flying colors and looked beautiful next to the others in the parking lot.
I was really looking forward to it - Bj has always said the one thing he wished we had been able to do together was see Phish, as they were a big part of his life (as is music in general) and I agreed! I will say that my first show did not disappoint, as I had no idea what to expect. I don't know what I was most impressed with - The Fox itself is a phenomenal venue to see anyone/anything at, the lights (there lighting guy was just as amazing - he was so on and it made the show that much better) were INCREDIBLE, as was the music. As someone who doesn't know all of the songs I was totally entertained and I loved it. They don't talk at all during the show and they take a bow at the end, I thought that was pretty cool. They just have such great energy, as does the music, and it's pretty fun to "people watch" as you see some crazy dancers at any type of jam band show. We just had a great time, the night couldn't have been better. The weather was perfect, I was with my sweet husband, the show was great, we met up with some old friends - I couldn't have asked for anything more.

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