Wednesday, June 17, 2009

6 Months Old!

I can't believe it's here, our sweet baby boy is 6 MONTHS OLD! It may not seem all that exciting, but it sure does to me. Sorry the pictures are not the greatest - he was a little sleepy this afternoon :)
I just can't believe that as I write this we were still an hour and thirty minutes away from meeting you, sweet pea. We didn't know if you were a boy or a girl and we had no idea what you looked like. We were just sitting in a hospital room having contractions. The last six months have been a whirl wind and my head still spins a little when I think about all we have done. We spent two months in the hospital, brought you home, sold our house, got new jobs, and moved our little family 800 miles to St. Louis. We are right where we want to be and we are so thankful we are going to be able to watch you grow up with your family just as we hoped for you. We have watched you grow from a teeny-tiny, four pound, little old man into an adorable (not exactly sure on the weight, guessing 16 pound) six month old baby. We have settled into family life quite nicely and we still could sit and stare at you all day - I still can't believe you are ours. You are sleeping better at night, eating like a champ, talking up a storm, kicking your legs, being a giggle monster, holding your head up, standing, you LOVE being in the water, sucking your thumb, loving your lovey, rolling over and sitting pretty well (not on your own yet), teething, drooling, tooting up a storm, and just being the sweetest little man we have ever seen. WOW - my head spins a little thinking about all you have done in six months - and how much more there is to come. It's hard to imagine six months from now I will be writing about how you have been in the world for a whole year and how your destroyed your birthday cake. I have been waiting for this day, as 6-9 months has always been my favorite baby age. I have to say with the addition of you, I now love newborn and 0-6 months just as well. Maybe the 3.5-4 month stage more as you were sleeping better :) You are an absolute joy and pleasure to be around - you totally have your grandparents smitten! You have brought nothing but happiness to our lives and our hearts ache sometimes with how much we love you. You are the light of our lives, thanks for being you - here's to the next six months sweet baby boy!
Side note: We have our first doctor's appointment with the new doctor scheduled for next Thursday - so stayed tuned for the newest stats! C is a HORSE these days and I think he has gained at least 10 pounds and grown 7 inches :)

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