Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mr. Grabby Pants

Connor has been "grabbing" at things for a little while now and it is so funny to watch. He will get that little arm out there, with a look of total concentration on his face, and just go for it - it kind shakes a little as he is still working on the coordination. He gets a little upset when something isn't quite close enough for him to reach - and he will reach for anything, and I mean ANYTHING. Bj and I were sitting at the desk last night looking at something on the computer and Connor was sitting in my lap. He just had his little hands all over the desk - it was hilarious. He kept pulling the papers off, I kept putting them back on the table, he kept pulling them off. We were dying - he looked like a little mini business executive pulling papers off going "yes, check, keep this, no to that" it was a riot. Once he was done with that I turned him around to talk to him where he promptly started pulling my hair and trying to get my necklace in his mouth - all at the same time! Sweet little stink pot!

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