Sunday, June 14, 2009

Charleston, we come!

We had so many exciting adventures during our trip to Charleston, I thought it would be best to go day by day. I wouldn't want anyone to have to read one single post - it would be a biggie! We had the most wonderful trip - everything was perfect. We were so thankful we were able to share Maggie and Andrew's big day with them - they looked so happy and beautiful. Connor was a perfect little traveler - we were so proud of him! After arriving on Thursday morning to hung out at the Hess's, took a nap and sat by the pool. Connor was a party animal - not taking a nap until 5pm! Lord have mercy, crazy boy! He was great though and had a lovely dinner with the girls (Momma, Granny, Aunt Maggie and Meg) and didn't retire for the evening until 11pm! Hanging out at the hotel he was such a good boy!
Meeting Aunt Maggie for the first time - I think she was a little smitten. I think the feeling was mutual :)
Totally tuckered out - it may have taken him a little longer than usual to be "ready" for naptime, but he sure slept hard - he was one tired bug!
The Boardwalk - it was dark but that was the beach behind us!

Poor Bj had some flight issues and wasn't able to get to Charleston until Friday night at 6:30pm - but we managed to make the most of his time there. We felt so bad but we were secretly thankful we took the earlier flight! He made it safe and sound though (silly weather in Atlanta) and had a great visit. Up next, the wedding shower!

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