Tuesday, June 9, 2009

7 Months vs. 5 Months

I was talking to a friend of mine (via Facebook!) and she wanted to know my thoughts (after the move) on moving cross county 7 months pregnant (as she did) or with a 5 month old (as we did). It really got me thinking as I wasn't sure what my answer would be - until last night. I am going to back track a little, but will eventually get back to my point :) We are leaving bright and early Thursday morning for Aunt Maggie's wedding (we are SO excited!) and approximately 4.5 months ago, I bought Connor the cutest little outfit to wear. Aunt Steph was with me and we specifically talked about how this outfit would be PERFECT to wear in Charleston. Light Blue Overalls with Sailboats embroidered on it/White onesie with a sailboat/Matching Hat/Matching Bib (I got the whole set for less than $10, I was pretty excited and it's PRECIOUS!). Well, that cute little outfit has been hanging in the closet since I bought it - I even peeked at it a few times, smiling at how cute himself was going to look in it. Well - bringing us back to reality - I was getting stuff organized and packing up C's outfits for the weekend when lo and behold...I CAN'T FIND THE OUTFIT. Yep, the same outfit that had been hanging in the closet waiting, I can't seem to locate it. I believe it is probably with all of the toiletries and the Baby Bjorn I also can't seem to find. I know they are in my in-laws basement somewhere, I just don't know where.
So, as I was venting to my poor mom and husband last night, I realized that while I didn't move all that well at 7 months pregnant and I wouldn't have been able to lift anything, (I also would have been winded a lot easier and it would have taken me twice as long to pack the house), I would have preferred to move before I had another set of belongings to misplace. Poor little bugster with a crazy momma! I consider myself to be pretty organized and all those boxes are labeled, I think things just got mixed up - as is inevitable with any move. It's really not the end of the world, he has plenty of things to wear, it was just one of those little frustrating things. I am going to go give it the old college try again tonight and see if I can find it amongst the boxes and furniture though. :) It wouldn't be me if I didn't at least try!
Ah, thanks for letting me vent!

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