Monday, May 25, 2009

Kymmers Strikes Again!

I suckered poor Kymmers into taking yet another set of Johnson Family pictures. I really wanted to get a few family shots of us with the flatirons in the background before we left for St. Louis, and I knew of no one better to turn to. We have had so many memories and firsts in Colorado, I thought it would be nice to have some nice pictures of us to remember them by. I also had a vision of an 8x10 framed on the bookshelf in our new house - I am SUCH a dork! CFJ was a little "bored" with us and wasn't really in the mood to smile or look at the camera - I still think he looks pretty cute though. She did such a great job and I can't thank her enough for taking the time out of her busy schedule to photograph us for an hour!! The one thing I forgot to ask her about was photo shopping my body out and putting a thin, beautiful models body in - next time I will remember, don't you worry!
I loved this one - little baby, big mountains :)

We did get a few smiles out of him, just not many. We have one where he just has this HUGE yawn - I was laughing that I shouldn't have to deal with this until he is 13! I am going to put the rest in a slide show, just wanted to post a few examples!

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