Monday, May 11, 2009

Go Cards!

I know it's TOTALLY shocking that Connor has some Cardinals gear - but he sure does! I am the worst blogger - I was ready to get his picture taken on Opening Day in support of his favorite team, but I didn't get it together. So, I took advantage of the beautiful day and took some shot outside this afternoon. I think he looks rather handsome, don't you? He was so excited about the photo shoot, I just kept getting the smiles at the tail end. Here is one, more of a smirk, but know that he was smiling big and bright!
Connor told me this afternoon that he is so excited to see his first game - he is so thankful he doesn't have to wait much longer!
He loves those fingers - can't get enough of them these days. You have to pull them out of his mouth sometimes to get the bottle in, funny little man. I tell you I am glad we got the pictures now, I don't know if the hat is going to fit at his first game - we are thinking sometime in June! Let's Go Cards ! Love your newest fan, Connor!

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