Sunday, May 17, 2009


Last night our sweet friends threw up a going away party at a local restaurant, Fusion. It was so nice to spend the evening reminiscing and saying goodbye. We had some good food and drinks and a nice, quaint little spot on the patio. Connor had a bit of a rough time as it was around bedtime and he wasn't quite used to all the excitement - but we will still keep him - perhaps just leaving him at home next time :)
We had to change the little man out of his party outfit and into the jammies.
Bj's crew - Sean, Sleepy, Amanda
Angelo and Sweet Blu!
Alex, Doug and Monica
You can't tell, but C is screaming in this picture - it was time for him to hit the hay!
It was the perfect escape from our chaotic house and the business of packing - friends from all over were able to make it and we so appreciated seeing everyone. We are so looking forward to our new little life in St. Louis, but we will miss the wonderful life we have had in Colorado. I couldn't help but thinking of all the beer pong games at our place in Boulder and the countless parties and dinner's on our patios in our first house. So, thank you everyone for a wonderful life in Colorado, and coming out to say good-bye!

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