Sunday, May 17, 2009

5 Month Old Bugster !

WOW - I can't believe the little man is already five months old! Where has the last five months gone?! When I think about all that has happened in the past five months it makes my head spin a little, but the many changes have all been for the best.
This month we have witnessed his little personality explode! He laughs and smiles ALL THE TIME. He knows his momma and daddy and gets so excited to see us. He is a talking machine and when he gets really excited he schreeches! He rolled over for the first time (though not on purpose, I think we are getting close to a real one though) and has been a pleasure every single day. He scoots all over his crib and loves to be entertained. We have also found that he doesn't really enjoy the car - at all. He has fallen in love with the doggies and loves to snuggle with momma AND daddy in the mornings. He has realized just how handsome he is and loves to admire himself in the mirror. He splashes in the bathtub and loves to sleep on his tummy. He is a rock star at tummy time and is fascinated with bright colors and moving objects. He is the absolute love of our life and we can't wait to see what this fifth month brings!!

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