Friday, April 24, 2009

4 Month Check-Up

We just got back from Connor's four month check-up! My poor bugster had to get two more vaccines and he is upstairs sleeping away. Poor man, he does not like getting those shots. I have to say we were so excited to see Ms. Jill and Ms. Roberta - it has been two months and we miss them! After our appointment, we went to the NICU to visit our nurse friends and it was really crazy. There were teeny tiny twins in Connor's room and I was stunned again at how little he was when he was in there - and now look at him. Four months old and big as can be! It was nice too, I worked the system and got a hospital grade nasal aspirator from them as I learned the hard way that they don't steam sterilize and they don't sell them anywhere!
Drum roll please...

Connor's FOUR month stats:
Weight: 13 POUNDS!!
Length: 24 1/4 in.
Head Circumference: 16 in.

Holy, big man! My guesstimate was 12 lb. 5 oz. - I was SHOCKED when he was 13 big ones. He has tripled and added a pound to his birth weight - way to go! He is again in the 50% all across the board. Ms. Jill said he is looking great, she couldn't get over how big he is. Nothing new until his six month check-up!

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