Monday, March 9, 2009

Hernia Man

I have recently realized that I have not told anyone about Connor's hernia. I am so used to it and see it everyday that I forget he has it sometimes. About a week after we got home, we realized that Connor was starting to get a little gassy, and one day his belly button looked a little larger than normal. We thought it was strange but waited to call the doctor because he didn't seem upset by it. Lo and behold, the next day it has completely popped out resulting in a hernia. I called the doctor and she didn't seem at all worried and said, oh it must be a hernia, very common in babies. I had never heard of such a thing! I of course went straight to the computer and it looks harmless. The doctor just said we needed to make sure it would smoosh back in and we would just watch it for the next year. Hopefully it will correct itself, if not, he will have to have surgery. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it fixes itself on its own, I don't know how well Momma will react to the surgery news. I mean...I have been with him through shots but this is the same Momma who hid in the bathroom at the hospital when they changed his feeding tubes. Though at the last visit, I looked at the doctor and said "really, that thing is going to correct itself?!" and she looked at me and said, "he might need surgery after all." Oh well, nothing we can't handle! We think it's pretty cute and often refer to him as "Hernia Man" or "Hern Dog!"

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