Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Boy and His Dogs

People keep asking how the dogs have done with Connor's arrival home. We are so lucky, they have been perfect. It can't be a completely easy transition for them, as they are used to getting all the attention around here. In the beginning I think they were like "really mom? could you put him down for a minute?!" but since then they have done wonderful. The weather has been warm and they have spent a lot of time outside.

We have noticed that they love him and think of him as "their" baby. When he cries they are right there ready to help. I think Sedona wished she had hands so that she could feed and soothe him. They sleep outside his door and love to give him kisses. When we all snuggle in bed they are so good about not getting too close -- though Scout gets as close as he possibly can. The other night I had Connor next to me sleeping in bed while I was watching tv. I looked over and noticed Scout cuddled next to him and Connor had his arm resting on Scout's paw -- it was pretty sweet. They also like to snuggle with him when he lays on the couch. The little stinkers! I managed to catch a picture of them laying together -- they didn't pose all that well, before I got the camera out they were on the couch staring at them!

Not the best pictures, but I thought they were kind of cute! After I took the picture Scout hung out on his pillows until I was finished in the computer room...sweet little monster doggies! :)

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