Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sleep Deprived

WoW! I told my mom last night (I think I may have been asleep standing up while saying this) that you don't understand what sleep deprivation is until you have an baby. She snickered and said I told you so. I have never in my life been so tired! Heaven help me when I return to work! I love Connor and I don't mind getting up with him, but lord have mercy I am a tired momma! After he peed AND pooped on me today I took a shower after bathing him and getting him dressed again, I just laughed when as soon as my body was in the shower he started sqwaking! I told him he needed to hold it for just one minute and give his poor old tired mom a break! He actually listened and kicked his legs on the bed for the rest of my shower like the sweet little man he is :) He is getting better and starting to sleep for longer stretches, the main problem is that when I am "sleeping" I am not holding him and that doesn't seem to suit the little bugster!

So, I have implemented a new "bedtime routine" we shall see what it does! He is so sweet though and I just love him to pieces. I have just been in awe of him the last few days watching him discover all that is around him. He is awake more during the day and it is so fun to watch him see his hand --as if for the first time, every time! He is sweet as can be! Granny D is here for the week to hang out with us! Hence the slacking on posting! More updates to come!

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