Tuesday, January 27, 2009


We were spoiled yet again this weekend with Aunt Steph, Aunt Jen and Ashley's visit this past weekend! We were so excited to see them and I think they were pretty excited to meet Connor Man! I am pretty sure he charmed both of them -- Aunt Jen almost took him home in her suitcase!

We had such a wonderful time hanging out, eating, holding the little guy and shopping! Aunt Steph and I snuck away on Saturday and did some shopping (shocking and hard to believe, I know!) and got some great deals on cute clothes for Connor and Baby K. I think between the two of them, they already have more clothes than we do! They are going to be two stylish babies, I know that for sure! Jen, Ashley and Brian went to dinner at Bj's and some perusing on Pearl Street while Steph and I hung out with Connor. It was really nice! I had a little time with Steph and I and a little time with Jen and the family! It was perfect and couldn't have worked out better. We took about 400 pictures -- another huge surprise! Connor wrote Aunt Jen a note saying how much he loves her and asking if she would be his godmother! She accepted and now the little guy has Uncle Dave as a godfather and Aunt Jen as a godmother. He is awfully lucky if you ask me!

Connor was great! I don't think his back touched anything but the back of someones arms the whole time they were here. He loves to snuggle and it was so nice to have a few extra sets of hands to snuggle him with. I think he only kept them up a little bit in the middle of the night too, so that was good! Poor Steph came in to snuggle with us after Bj went to work on Friday and saw me standing over Connor's bassinet in a t-shirt and crazy hair -- going "my boobs hurt and I am really tired..." she took one look at me and offered to feed Connor while I slept for a few more minutes. It was awfully sweet of her, I told her we were breaking her in for Baby K! The little bugster likes to sleep by day, party by night these days :) Now that we are visitor-less we are just hanging out, getting the house back together. We are looking forward to our next visit from Granny and the Danieley L 103 reunion!!
And now, the pictures from the weekend!

That is the update from our weekend, as you can tell we all had a great time! Thanks Auntie's!

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