Monday, January 5, 2009

Things Momma Has Never Heard...

"You are falling off the charts in the weight department and we need to fatten you up. Let's bump up your calorie intake..."

Yep, one of those things I have never and probably will never hear from a doctor! But, can you guess what cute little man has heard it from his doctors?! That's right, Connor Francis Johnson is not even in the 10th percentile when it comes to weight and now needs 26 extra calories added to his food per ounce and all the fatty breast milk momma can produce (commonly referred to as "hind milk" for those of you wondering!) I just got a kick out of it...I wish we could switch metabolism's, I would happily give him mine and take his in exchange! Other than needing to beef up a little bit he is doing wonderful. Just hanging out growing, sleeping and eating -- all those things a little baby should. He is just perfect and we love all 4lb. 8oz. of him! Some shots of him snoozing away in momma's lap while he is eating...sweet little guy, he looks so cozy!

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