Saturday, January 3, 2009

Little Bear

Many of you may know that I love nicknames (and knowing people's middle names, but that is neither here nor there) and pretty much if I say your name often don't be surprised if I change it or rearrange or add something to it. I even thought about nicknames when it came to naming Connor...who does that?!

Well, I have found myself calling Connor man "little bear" -- it just came our of nowhere but anytime I stumble into the little guys room, I nine times out of ten call him "little bear". It finally occurred to me when one of the doctors asked if she could come in and check him out even though he was sleeping and I replied "sure, but he might growl at you". It clicked -- he growls like a little bear sometimes! It's pretty cute in my opinion (and I like to think the opinion of others) but I also find it pretty funny! He is very expressive and talkative (already taking after him momma -- heaven help all of us if he is as sensitive, emotional and as talkative as his momma!!) and when he is woken from his slumber he tends to growl a little bit, also when he stretches out. Connor also has lots of different faces -- sometimes he looks worried, deep in thought, and happy. He likes to smile, (I think it might be gas -- he is kind of a stinky man) but he likes to smile at us and whatever it is, it looks like a smile and I will take it! He is just a really sweet little man and I do love watching him "be" everyday! We can't wait for the day we can take him home and show him all of the exciting things at home -- especially his big brother and sister! So, in honor of the nickname we took a picture of him with his own little bear!

We have started taking pictures of Connor next to his bear (a sweet gift from Rob and Mary!) so we can track just how much he is growing, we thought it would be kind of a fun thing to look back on and a great way to how much progress the little guy is making in the growing department!

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