Wednesday, January 21, 2009

One Month Old!

It is hard to believe, but the little guy hit the one month mark on January 17th! It seems like just yesterday we found out we were pregnant and were in the hospital listening to the Annie and Frankie mix "Godspeed" (oh yeah it doesn't make me cry at all every time I listen to it!) on the day the little man decided to arrive, and now he is one month old! We had to celebrate the day, he slept through most of it, but I thoroughly enjoyed the excuse to make a cake and use my new Pampered Chef Icing tools! I don't think they are going to be calling me anytime to work as a demonstrator, but I had fun!
He is pretty wonderful and we love him dearly! So far we have found that he has a big personality, likes to have his hands at his face at all times and works ferociously to get them out of the bottom of the "papoose" daddy wraps him in! He loves his swing and snuggling, he also enjoys sleeping during the daylight hours and "partying" during the late night hours. He has already peed in his hair, all the way over the changing table to the couch, and enjoys riding in the car. He is beautiful, he grabs your hand when he eats and watches everything that is going on. He tracks us with his eyes and is the best little baby out there. He grunts, stretches and toots a lot. He has already earned the nicknames: Stretch, Stinky Pete, One Eyed Willy (when he is too tired to keep both eyes open he likes to keep tabs on things with the one eye), Sweet Boy, Little Guy and Sweet Man. We can't wait to see what changes he makes in the next month!
Happy One Month Little Man -- It's been the best month of our lives!

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