Monday, January 19, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We didn't know if it was ever going to happen, but we finally busted Connor Francis Johnson out of the hospital and brought him home. It only took exactly 8 weeks, but on Thursday January 15th we made it home, right where we should be. For those of you who know my superstitious ways you will appreciate that I waited until Thursday morning and double checked with the doctor to make sure before I started packing anything up! I couldn't help myself, I was taking no chances. As soon as we realized they were letting us leave the whole experience seemed like it flew by. All of a sudden we felt like a normal couple who had just had a baby, we got to hold him with my wires, in our room!

We think the little guy is going to like it here. The doggies have already acquainted themselves with him and sniffed every inch of him. When he cries they look at us like our baby is crying would one of you please tend to him. Life is good and that is about it. We are just enjoying our time together with out sweet little family! Here a few shots from the first day...

I mean...the scary part is that I only posted a handful of the first day shots! Enjoy!

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Angela said...

Oh Ellen, I'm sooo glad that you are all home together now. You'll have to send the rest of the pics out on snapfish. I'm just so happy for you all!!!!! I can't wait for the Danieley L trip up to see the new fam!