Friday, January 9, 2009

Mr. March

I know it is a little early for St. Patrick's day, but we thought Connor needed to pose for his March calendar page a little early this year -- in his kilt from Uncle Davey. Now this is not just any kilt you see, it is a coozy kilt meant to go around your beer. Instead it went around the waist of our tiny infant!! We were crying as usual because come on the little guy is not big enough for a real kilt so Uncle Davey ordered him one that is meant to go around your beer can! I think we are going to have to save it for him as a present on his 21st birthday and we can tell him that is the very same one he wore in the NICU! Uncle Dave kept saying the description should read "to adorn your average beer can or premature infant!" We got a pretty big kick out of it!

We kind of can't contain ourselves when it comes to dressing the little man up -- he is so little, how can one resist?! He was far less excited about this one than the stocking pictures, but he still looks pretty darn cute! I can't help but love the little chicken legs sticking out from underneath the kilt -- a little too cute for me to handle! He was a little fussy after the photo shoot and I just HAD to hold him for an hour afterwards to calm him down :) You know, because I really minded! Ha! I could hold the little man all day long and just for the record, he already has us wrapped around his sweet little fingers!

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