Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Look Momma and Daddy -- No Feeding Tube!

That's right -- a very handsome 5 POUND baby boy got his feeding tube pulled this morning! He is such a big boy -- eating all of his food from the boob or the bottle! He is a bit of a booby man and does really well breastfeeding. In the last few days he has also become quite the little bottle feeder. We will let him go with the bottle, anything to get us out of here a little faster. He has also been a rock star and gaining weight like his momma the last few days. Since last Wednesday night he has gained at least an ounce every day and last night he gained 2.8 ounces and now weighs 5 pounds! We can't quite believe it and we know officially don't have to buy him a new car seat! We talked to Bill the Car Seat Guy right after he was born, proudly told him Connor weighed 4lb. 2oz. and he said well, he can't ride in that particular car seat until he reaches 5lbs. So, way to go champ, you will fit in your car seat! As I type, the little guy his working on a room air challenge to see if he can lose his oxygen. We don't know what we are going to do when he has no tubes or stickers on his little face! That is all the buzz around here -- other than that we are getting ready for the Johnson's visit tomorrow!! We can't wait to see them and introduce them to Connor man!


Kym said...

Connor! Way to go buddy! Get all those pesky tubes outta there!!

Lauren said...

5 pounds! I'd say that's progress!!!! Way to go, little guy! Can't wait to meet you!

Auntie Klein