Thursday, January 1, 2009

Guardian Angel Pa-Pa

So, as I have stated before -- as my dad is not here to pick out a name I picked it out for him. I think he would like the "Guardian Angel Pa-Pa" title.

From the minute I found out I was pregnant I prayed to my dad every night asking him to take care of our baby. He was the first one to meet him in heaven, I am sure of it, another "demand" I had was to give the baby a birthmark on his or her leg just so I would know that he was really listening and taking care of the baby. I said my last prayer to my dad (while Connor was still in my belly) as they were wheeling me down the hall for delivery-- I said "this is it, please let him be okay" and that was that. I think I was a little to "magged out" in the delivery room to ask someone to check Connor's legs for a birthmark and since then I have been so focused on examining all the parts of him that I could see that I hadn't even taken the time to look at his legs. Lo and behold, his nurse was changing him yesterday and said "hey Ellen, did you notice Connor has a little birthmark on his leg?" I about fell over and ran over to check it out. Sure enough, just like I had prayed to my dad for, a perfect little birthmark on Connor's right leg. I had goosebumps -- and then I smiled, my dad has been listening and he took great care of our sweet little man. Thanks Dad -- we love you!

Oh, and for good measure my dad decided that Connor needed his forehead and hairline too -- it's kind of scary, he has my dad's exact forehead and hairline!

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Steph said...

amazing!! that pa-pa is going to take extra good care of connor man!! love you!