Wednesday, January 7, 2009

3 Weeks Old!

It is still pretty hard to believe that instead of being three weeks away from my due date, I have a three week old son! I know we will get used to it, I think it will just make it more real when we are able to take the little man home!

He is doing really well! He has been put on a 26 calorie diet and another concentrate has been added to his food in an effort to beef him up! He has been doing great, he has gained at least one ounce (sometimes more!) for the last four days. He is now up to 4lbs 9oz -- doing so great! He has been doing awesome with his feedings too! He has even started taking full bottles, he is so big we can't stand it! He has become a little feisty the last few days and one of his favorite pastimes is grabbing on his oxygen tubes and yanking them out of his nose. He prefers to "oxygenate his eyeballs" as the nurses say or just wear the nasal cannula above his nose, below his nose or both in one nostril. We figure why not, he must know when he needs it and when he doesn't. I must say I prefer him pulling on that instead of his feeding tube. Apparently he and the little boy across the hall had a contest to see who could pull it out -- I think Connor lost, he only got his half way out. That is all the excitement that we have going on here. We are just anxiously awaiting the arrival of all of our guests this month -- Uncle Dave today, Auntie, The Johnson's, Jennifer, Steph and Granny! We are going to stay nice and busy and we like it that way! Daddy started his vacation yesterday and it has been really nice having him around. We are getting quite comfortable holed up at the hospital these days! We laugh, if only we could bring Scout and Sedona we would be set! Here are a few pictures from today!
This last picture is important because it is the face of a very clean little baby in a milk slumber after finishing his whole bottle! Way to go Connor -- we are so proud of you! Keep up the good work and we will be home in no time!

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Angela said...

I'm sooooo glad he's doing so well! How exciting! I know you can't wait to take him home, I'm sure it'll be soon. Keep up the good work all of you!! :)