Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Splish Splash...Another Bath!

It has officially been one week since Connor's first bath and in honor of no more iv, we decided he was ready for a little tub bath! We even got to unhook him from the monitors and take him to another room for a bath...very exciting stuff! Momma was in charge which was a little scary, but I think he liked it! He is so quiet when he gets his hair washed and perks up a bit more for the body washing...he looked too stinkin cute in his little pink tub! His little feet were all curled up and he was all toasty and warm in the water. He was very patient with Momma who still is adjusting to his small and wiggly body! After the bath I did some Kangaroo Care and just snuggled with and sniffed his sweet, clean body and hair. There really is nothing like the smell of a clean, sweet baby. After his bath and feeding time he was conked out having sweet dreams!

His little feet, I just can't help myself I think they are the sweetest little things I have ever seen. He very much has his daddy's hands and feet and I just love them.

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Lauren said...

He's SO darn CUTE! I can't wait to meet him!!! Love you, Boogs....Klein