Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hot Mama Designs

So, pretty much since I found out I was pregnant I have known what I want for my first Mother's Day and my birthday this year. Weird that I would already know -- so unlike me! :) A guy at works wife makes these beautiful necklaces and it is all I want. I think they are the sweetest way to display your baby's name/birth date/birthstone. I like how it's a little more modern than some of the other bracelets and necklaces. While I was still in the hospital on the Mom/Baby side I showed Bj and picked out the exact one I want. I figure Connor was still in my belly and could hear us talking about it and it is surely what he would have picked out for me anyway! They are a little expensive, so I thought it would be the perfect double gift -- hopefully it comes closer to my birthday and not mothers day -- heaven forbid I wait until May!!

What do you think? You can put the birth date on the back too! She hand stamps each and every letter and I just think they so neat! A few of the nurses at the hospital have them too -- and I always make them show me their hot mama designs!

This is the website -- I just can't get over how talented she is! I like the name too! I like to think that once I lose my pregnancy weight I too will hot mama! :) HA!

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