Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Furry Babies Come to Visit!

So, I was just sitting in bed this morning writing some emails when I hear what sounds like tags jingling in the hall. It sounded like a dog, but I couldn't imagine what it could be (side note: we kind of have the "penthouse" suite these days, we got moved back to Labor and Delivery for constant monitoring of the little one ((all is well)) and we have this swanky corner room with our own entrance). All of a sudden I look up and Sedona Johnson comes trotting in! Bj had brought my furry babies for a visit! Sedona looked so proud of herself, prancing through the halls and into her momma's room! Scout Man needs another shot, so he had to wait in the car. After sniffing everything in the room, Sedona was ready to jump up on my bed and give me a smooch. I called my nurse, Carla, to ask if she could talk to the doctor about letting me have a wheelchair ride outside to see Scout and they said it was okay :) Carla came in and said she wanted to take my blood pressure first (YIKES! in order to keep my blood pressure okay I have to "meditate" on my left side for at least 30 mins. -- I did not know how well it was going to go over after seeing my doggie for the first time in 3.5 weeks!) and sure enough it was high, but they still let me go. I threw on my slippers and covered up with a blanket (I seriously looked like an 80 year old woman!) and we wheeled on down. Bj let the dogs run around while I soaked in the sunshine. It was the first time I had been outside since my arrival on November 20th. Needless to say it was a wonderful visit and I was so happy to see those sweet little monster dogs. I think they were excited to see me, but far more excited to run around in the snow! Scout even managed to run away and lick some poor child's ice cream cone. Uh oh! I have such a sweet husband for surprising me with the doggies, I could tell he was pretty proud of himself! It was also very nice to get outside in the sunshine for a bit. I made Bj wheel me back in the long way so I could stay outside for a few minutes longer. All the nurses were pretty excited, as I have been talking about the dogs non-stop. Then it was back inside to watch the Food Channel and some "Triple D" this afternoon. (Bj and I are HOOKED on "Diners, Dives, and Drive-In's" with Guy Ferari...we can't get enough of it!). I keep trying to come up with some fun ideas and traditions for next Christmas as we will have so much to celebrate, most likely a birthday and of course Christmas! So what better place to look than the Food Channel. So far I have a few good ideas for desserts and some holiday dinners -maybe we can have a special dinner and put the tree up! What do you think, are we a motley crew or what?! I think they are sweet pictures and Bj looks pretty cute, but I don't think it's going to make the Christmas card! :) I hadn't had my shower for the day and my hair is looking pretty fancy! What you can't see is that I have slippers on to!


a slice of my life said...

Oh my goodness, that must have been the best surprise EVER! Thanks for the updates and pics, and I'm thinking of you!

Steph said...

oh i love it!!! I'M SO GLAD you got to see your puppies!! what a sweetheart BJ is!! you look georgous and i think one of those pictures should be the christmas card this year for sure!!! love ya!!!

Lauren said...

What a sweet husband you have! So glad you got to see those monsters!