Thursday, December 11, 2008

Spring Break

So, Bj came to visit a few nights ago and there was nothing on tv. We were flipping through the channels and came to this show called "Rehab", it was all about this pool in Las Vegas that people go to to party and have a good time. It looked like a lot of fun, expensive, but a lot of fun. It reminded me of what would probably be a daily Spring break for any and all party-goers. The women were wearing teeny weeny bikinis and people were making out at the bar. I think it all of a sudden hit me, I looked at Bj and said "are we ever going to let this baby go on spring break?!". It was so funny, he just looked at me and said "no". I know we have quite a few years before we need to make that decision for real, but it really made me think about what what kind of parents we will be and the many decisions we will make regarding our children and family.

I think I just focus so much on this little one being a baby that is amazes me sometimes that he or she will grow up and want to go to places like Rehab for Spring break. When the thought of piling into the car with the family and driving down to Destin for Spring Break doesn't sound as appealing as going somewhere with friends (oh yes, I have already told Bj how excited I am to go to Destin for Spring Break, don't worry!). I know they will always be our baby, I just wonder what we will let them do and what we won't. I know it will be an amazing journey with many ups, downs and inbetweens -- and don't worry I am sure I will write about each adventure along the way!

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MissyP said...

Destin!!! We are so there!!!! We can trade babysitting nights. I just wish some airline would hurry up and add some direct flights from DIA to a nearby airport...