Saturday, November 15, 2008

Your Dog and Baby Class

Yesterday Bj and I went to a "Your Dog and Your Baby Class" at the hospital. We signed up to do our childbirth classes through the hospital where I will deliver and in doing so got to pick two free classes to attend. This one seemed like it couldn't hurt, as we will be welcoming our baby into a house that already has two babies, Scout and Sedona. We just thought it might give us a few ideas for tackling a newborn and two doggies.

The lady was really nice and for the most part pretty informative. I don't think any of the information was rocket science, but she gave a few good ideas on different ways to occupy the dogs when we need a minute or two to ourselves. We will be purchasing another Kong and this really cute feeding cube. I think we want the little feeding cube just so we can see the two of them running around trying to get the food out :) I know I have mentioned before but (knock on wood) we really are not too worried for the transition. We tell Scout and Sedona that they have a new brother or sister coming and they have been so helpful as we have painted the room, put the furniture together and organized the closet! We think they will be a little protective of their baby and possibly run back and forth between us when the baby cries, but nothing out of the ordinary. We have both always wanted our children to grow up with and love animals (especially doggies!) and we can't think of two better dogs to have around our little sweet pea! She also assured us that as long as we work with them they know pretty quickly what toys/blankets belong to baby and what belong to dog. Whew, the baby may have some blankets after all! She also mentioned that she has more trouble keeping her babies away from the dog toys and not the other way around :)

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