Thursday, October 23, 2008

Little Momma takes over The Lou

You guessed it, I made an appearance in St. Louis for baby showers and some family and friend time. It was much needed and the weekend was wonderful. It was so wonderful that I was that huge, emotional pregnant lady SOBBING in the security line at 6:30 Monday morning. I think the guy in front of me wanted to run away as fast as he could.

I got in late Thursday night and immediately went home to check out my mom's new place. It looks amazing...I can't quite believe it is the same house I grew up in! She did a great job picking everything out and I can't wait to see what else she does with it. We were able to see Annie and Frankie on Friday (who I was seriously about to stuff in my suitcase and take home with me, he is so sweet and just getting so big! I am sure Annie and George wouldn't miss him at all!) and just relax on the couch, gearing up for the weekend ahead. We had the family shower on Saturday morning at my Granny's house and it was wonderful. She did such a nice job cleaning and cooking and everything was perfect :) Baby Johnson is completely spoiled and has so many nice things to come home to! We counted up and he/she has 8 (yes, 8) St. Patrick's day outfits to wear...that does not however include the bibs, binky, socks and hats. I have decided to do the "12 days of St. Patrick's Day" photo shoot instead of the "12 Days of Christmas" so you all can go ahead and look forward to that! Granny D gave us so many new clothes -- even something to wear on all the holidays! Grandma Johnson gave us our dresser so the little one has a complete room set now! We got almost all of our closet organization stuff, clothes, blankets (4 handmade blankets) books and toys. We even got a "green gift" lots and lots of hand-me-down books from the cousins, I was thrilled! We were fortunate enough to get lots of Babies R Us gift cards as well to purchase all of the big items that the little one requires...we are beyond thankful and in awe of the generosity and support we continually get from our family and friends.
We made a day of it and stayed at Granny's until 9! We took a walk and, hung out (and I ate a few dozen meals), it was exactly what I wanted to do. The stragglers (Auntie, Granny, Caitlin and Dave) were thrilled to be a part of my "fashion show" to figure out what to wear to the shower on Sunday. I think we did a good job, I think they were just tired of the site of my belly by the end :) We all promptly fell asleep that night, I don't think I moved a muscle until Sunday morning.

Handmade baby blanket
-- Love, Great Auntie

Fire Truck Onesies, for the niece or nephew --Love, Uncle Davey

--The Group, it was lovely
and everyone was there.
Thanks for your support!

Uncle Mike, Granny,
LM, and Auntie

Caitlin, LM, and Auntie --
we can't wait for Cousin Caitlin
to babysit!!!

We had brunch with Grandma Nancy, Don, Uncle Bill and Uncle David...Grandma Nancy is convinced I have triplets in my belly. I convinced her it is only one and I look perfectly normal :) After brunch it was on to the Parker's for a shower thrown by my mom's wonderful friends! I have a whole other Part II post coming on that one...

We were able to sneak a visit in with Mary Pat and Gerard on Sunday evening and then it was home to pack up. I had to laugh that our unborn-no gender known to the world-little baby required I take home an extra suitcase full of clothes! I couldn't believe all the stuff I took and all the stuff I left for our Thanksgiving visit. I wanted to make sure all of the little baby clothes made it home so I could show Daddy!

It was a wonderful weekend, just entirely too short! We are already counting down the days until Thanksgiving. We will be making an appearance for a week (the whole family!) so get ready! Hard to believe that after the rush of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's the little one will arrive in the world. Thank you again to everyone for such an amazing weekend, we are both so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.

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