Sunday, October 26, 2008

Joanne and Jean's Shower

Not only did we have a shower on Saturday afternoon, my mom's wonderful friends were kind enough to throw us a shower on Sunday afternoon. It was so wonderful to see everyone and see what amazing friends my mom has. They put so much work into this shower, with a homemade cake by Jean's daughter, homemade chocolate favors by Joanne, yummy food, and all the materials needed to decorate onesies for the baby! It was such a great time, I can't wait to introduce the little one to everyone.

We were showered with so many wonderful gifts for the baby, so many sweet little outfits a handmade Irish quilt, books, our exersaucer, the daddy diaper bag, toys and the list goes on! I brought home everything I could to show Bj...he was amazed! He was also very excited about his "daddy diaper bag" he looked in all the pockets and said we could even use it after the baby outgrows needing so many things. The toys were a huge hit with Scout and Sedona who have a little learning to to what toys belong to doggies and what toys belong to babies! It was fun to sit in the nursery (that my WONDERFUL husband had totally emptied while I was away!!!) and look through everything. It is still so hard to imagine the little baby that is going to occupy that room and wear all those clothes.

The cutest little chocolate ducks...homemade by Joanne!
They were delicious, I made sure to bring one home for Bj. They also had little pink, blue and white baby bottles full of homemade chocolate!

The cake was handmade (yes, every little spritz of icing handmade) by Jean's daughter Sarah. It was beautiful and had to
have taken so much was also delicious! I took a piece or two for the car ride home :)

I wouldn't know these lovely ladies were it not for Lourdes and Samuel (and obviously my parents). They have been great friends to my parents for so many years and continue to come out in support of all the major events in my life...we are so lucky to have each and every one of you.

It doesn't get much better than Granny D, Little Momma, Great NeNe and Nana :) This little baby has some amazing female role models to look up to and learn from.

Great Auntie, Caitlin, Little Momma, Great NeNe and Granny D. Yet a few more amazing women for this little one to look up to. I can't thank each and every one of these women for everything they have done for us, you all are the best.

And, last but certainly not least. The women of the day...the shower organizers! Sarah, Jean, Joanne and Laura did such an amazing job putting together this beautiful shower. They thought of everything and I think it goes without saying that everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you ladies for being such good friends to my mom and for giving us such a lovely afternoon to spend together!

As you can see, everyone was around! There were so many more women there than I have room or pictures for and I appreciate them all taking the time to show up! Can't wait to see you guys soon and show off Baby Johnson!

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