Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Dropsies

I have noticed over the past few weeks that I absolutely cannot hold on to anything. It is crazy, I have been so clumsy it is driving me nuts! I drop everything, things I reach out for, pens, the soap (not an easy task to pick it up in our teeny, tiny shower with my huge belly) I was starting to wonder what is wrong with me. Then, I reached 24 weeks pregnant and turned to my trusty "What to Expect When You are Expecting" book and realized this is quite a common thing in pregnancy. The muscles and ligaments in your hands get "lazy" and stretch out (like they do in your feet, causing bigger or wider feet) and you don't always grip things as tight as before. Crazy, huh? I know there is a better medical definition for that, but that is how I interpret and describe it. I was also reading my weekly update from Baby Center and laughed out loud when I read that the baby is about the length of a piece of corn on the cob and weighs a little over a pound now. I love my Baby Center updates, I look forward to Monday mornings only so that I can read up on the baby's progress and my changes in the week to come. They do a great job of giving visuals (both a 3-D ultrasound image and a 'drawing') of the baby's growth and they tend to describe length and weight in terms of fruits and vegetables. It just makes me laugh. It is crazy how long and lean the baby is at this point and how much more growing and filling out he/she has to do. Just thought I would share those little tid-bits.

I am still feeling great! I am happy the weather is changing over into fall, I have thoroughly enjoyed the crisp mornings, I just wish fall stuck around for a little longer. The baby is active as ever...I swear this little one takes little time out of his/her busy schedule to sleep! It is so funny, they just getting going in there, moving all around. I keep telling him/her to enjoy the room while they have it, Hotel Momma isn't going to be as spacious in the weeks to come! I think a growing spurt is on the horizon as my belly has been experiencing some growing pains over the last few days. So you have some nice belly shots to look forward to! I included two lovely belly shots this post, you get the close-up and the far away shot this time!

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