Wednesday, October 15, 2008

25 Weeks

We are 25 weeks along today and growing steadily. I read that the baby is going to start getting some baby fat from here on out and if we saw the hair we could tell what color and texture it is going to be. I am still hoping for beautiful dark curls like daddy's. We shall see though! I can't wait to see all the features he or she has and who they belong to. I know that little Baby Johnson is going to be the best combination of the both of us, a beautiful little girl or a handsome little man. :) It is just kind of fun thinking about who they will look like and whether or not they will have one of our personalities or one totally their own.

In addition to my weekly updates from Baby Center, I get updates every so often from "The Bump" (their website is "The Poop") I think I like getting them because I like the name of the website. It is from the same line of "The Knot and The Nest". It is a really cute website and occasionally they have fun giveaways. I have yet to win, but I always enter. So, I got my 25 week update from "The Poop" and I was surprised to learn that the baby is learning to distinguish being right side up and upside down and I thought that was something interesting to share. Also, if you put your ear up to my belly you have a good chance of hearing the baby's heartbeat, no stethoscope required. Bj has been working all week in the evenings, but we are going to try that out later and I will let you know what he hears. The eyes are forming and the baby will soon perfect the know to show off those long, luscious eyelashes they also will inherit from daddy! :) Going along with my fruit theme from a few posts ago...the baby is the size of an eggplant!

I have a feeling I will be including a few more of the "interesting" update posts as I am fascinated with all the development from here on out. It is amazing how much more growing this little baby will do in the next 15 weeks. Doubling in size and length...hard to imagine how the baby is going to move around as I already feel so much movement at a little over 2 lbs! On a side note, I got my hairs cut last night (I love it, I pranced around the house all night I felt that cute! ha!) and the receptionist at the counter looked at me and said "are you one of those pregnant women who loves being pregnant? you are just glowing!" I said yes, I am one of those women who loves being pregnant but I didn't have the heart to tell her that I was probably glowing because I was HOT (I am sure I will talk more about that later...I am on fire these days) and that I was so excited about my fancy new haircut :)

Be on the lookout, I have some pictures to post. The belly has definitely gotten bigger and someone at work told me that my boobs are now officially smaller than my belly! Watch out ladies and gentleman here comes the pregnant lady.

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