Friday, October 11, 2013

Summer Fun!

This is one of my favorite pictures from this summer, Shannon got a new puppy and we love him! Wilson was chasing Connor through the sprinkler and I thought this looked like the sunscreen ad :)

Being cute (and in need of a haircut) at the playground play date at school!

Connor goes "look Momma, we match Evan and I both have green on!" Ha, poor kid I am rubbing off on him.

This is one of my favorite pics of Evs ever - my neighbor snapped it and I love it - it just reminds me so much of my happy, happy little guy!

We made another trip to the emergency room for stitches for this guy! He was running up the stairs (on our anniversary) to tell me something, tripped and got his chin right on the steps. I just knew it as soon as it happened - he got 8 stitches and he was good to go! He was really brave again, we were so proud of him!

Sweet sleeping baby!

New haircut before school starts! Next on the list was new tennys!

Bj has had to go out of town a lot in the last few months for work and when Daddy is gone, Connor gets to sleep with me! He fell asleep while I was feeding Evie and I just thought they looked too sweet snoozing in my bed :)

Precious little man helps me with the laundry - such a good helper that one :)

Connor gets a new ND shirt every year - he matches with Daddy, Grandpa and Uncle Johnathan - he looks pretty cute modeling the latest one :)

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