Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Evan is 2 Months!

I will just go ahead and say that I will most likely start every post out with "I can't believe my baby is __ months old!" I just don't know how the time is going so fast, I mean as I am writing this you are 4 months old! Waaahhh!!! My sweet precious boy, you are such a sweet, easy going little baby! You can get mad when you want something but otherwise you are sweet as can be! We were a little shy of two months at your appointment but here are your stats:
Weight: 12lb, 8oz
Length: 23 1/4 inches
Head Cir: 39.5 inches
You are in the 80% percentile across the board!

You are SUCH a sweet precious little boy and we all love you so much! You are still eating and sleeping a lot! You have started to wake up a little and look around, but you mainly still sleep a lot :) You aren't sleeping through the night, you are up about every 3 hours.

You love your big brother, you love to smile and it is the sweetest thing in all the world. I swear I melt a little at every sweet smile.

You like a binky! Your brother never cared for one, but you seem to like it, you like having something to suck on! You are still only nursing and it's going well! You love to nuzzle in and put your little hand over your face or on my boob :)

Is there anything sweeter than baby toes?!

Oh that smile, and your sweet, sweet little face! Your hair looks like it's a little red, it is more auburn in the back and a little blonde on the sides. I don't think its decided what color its going to be yet :)

Sweet Evan in these two months you have completely stolen our hearts! We love watching you grow and feel so grateful to have you every single day!

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