Tuesday, May 14, 2013

First Few Days at home...

We are settling in well as a family of four! It has been so fun to be snuggled up with a little newborn again, I just love the baby stage. The weather has been a little chilly so its been really nice to have good excuses to snuggle up at home and not worry about going anywhere. We do sneak out when the weather is nice for a walk or two though!
We have had fun putting Evan's little room together and Connor loves to snuggle him as much as the rest of us. It's been fun living around all of our family, it's so nice that they can see him and watch them grow too!

Connor letting him borrow his monkey :) 

The little boy loves to sleep, just more so during the day than at night :) One of these days he will get it figured out!

I said I may have more pictures of E as a baby than Connor with this phone. I seriously am snapping pictures all day long. It also helps that Nonny requests at least one picture a day!

Sweet kisses!

I was broken in early as a momma of two, Connor fell off a swing and hurt his arm so we had to go in for x-rays. Thankfully everything was okay! We were also at the doctor for an ear infection for him and a weight check for Evs! 

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