Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grants Farm!

As you may have noticed I have been a terrible blogger this summer. I have just been having too much fun with my Connor. I have found myself going back and forth with blogging lately - some days I want to stop because I feel guilty when I don't update, but ultimately I am doing this as a way to remember our life at this time. So, I have decided I am just going to update when I feel like it and not worry about it, ha! I started looking through pictures from earlier in the summer that I haven't gotten around too and I couldn't resist these pictures from Grants Farm. We had the BEST time spending two whole weeks with Mags and Bella - we wish they would hurry up and move here. The highlight of this trip for me was watching Connor feed the goats. To say he loved it would have been an understatement - he was ALL OVER IT. He has been a little shy lately with new things - not the goats though he was all up in their face, double fisting it while he fed them and they were nibbling on his shorts. Too fun!

He was seriously double-fisting it, I was dying laughing. We were in the "pen" with them for the most part but we had come out to buy two more bottles so we decided to feed from the outside. He was too cute, he made sure that everyone had a little drink out of the bottles and he was just laughing away. The bottles are $1 and I would have seriously spent $100 just watching him have fun!

How cute are all these kiddos in their strollers?! It was a HOT day and we were all done by this point. I always love taking Connor places that I remember as a kid, there really isn't much better than watching him have fun!

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