Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What we have Been up to: In pictures!

 We have kept ourselves nice and busy this summer! I think the only camera I have pulled out is my phone, so my apologies :) I am actually impressed with the pictures it takes and it's nice and easy :) Ha! We went to see Circus Flora and it was great!! They do a one hour kids show and we loved it. I remember going when I was little so it's nice to be able to start this same tradition with Connor!

 We went to the boat house for lunch and loved it! It is just the cutest little place and Connor loved feeding the ducks and turtles!
We have gone to story time at the library, swimming at the pool, the park and we have loved spending lots of time at home - and waking up from naps all over the place in our new big boy bed :) We also took a week long trip to the lake, a whole 'nother post coming on that one! I can't spoil anyone with 3 posts in one day, haha!

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