Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lil Cowboy

This picture just made me chuckle, he is so into shoes right now and it just cracks us up. He is not picky, he will wear anyone's shoes and it's precious. I think my favorite is when he puts on my cowboy boots and clunks around in them, he is just too much these days.
We had such a fun little family night last night, we took a long walk with C and the doggies and discovered a new park that was fun for both kids and dogs. C had a blast and it was so fun watching him run/walk behind the stroller until we got to the street, he is just getting so big. I wanted to write down a few things so I don't forget...
"Boove" is how the little one says "move" - we love it, Bj and I have fun thinking of different ways to use it. Our favorite? We like to boove it, boove it! :)
You love the "gaba gaba truck" - the garbage truck, you are totally in love. You love to show us how it SCOOPS up the trash and DUMPS it in the truck.
"Ahside" you would stay out morning, noon and night if we let you silly boy!

I know I had one more, but I can't seem to think of it!

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