Saturday, September 18, 2010

21 Months!

Lord, please have mercy on my soul - how is my child 21 months old? To be completely honest, I had to count on my fingers to make sure I was right and that you are really this close to turning 2. Connor - you are my heart and I just cannot believe that we have had the chance to be your parents for nearly two years. Someone asked me the other day how old you were and my long-winded reply went something like "21 months, I just can't bring myself to say almost 2!". Seriously, where did months 18-20 go? Oh, I think we may have been moving :) Ha! You are a delight, a joy, a blessing, a sweet little toddler man. You love "girl dog and boy dog" and your new house. Your daddy and I feel like we are depriving you of a childhood because instead of playing with toys you like to "paint" the walls with paint brushes and use the screwdriver to "help" us put up cabinet doors and pictures. You think the nail gun is really funny when daddy is hanging molding and you still love to be outside. Your new favorite spot is the front porch (as is momma and daddys!) and one of my favorite activities is to sit and watch the cars with you. Tied with that is looking at the pictures on the camera, you love to sit next to me and see yourself in the pictures.

You are my sunshine and so very smart. You are talking all the time and repeat most anything we tell you. You even "yell" at the dogs like we do :) Ha! You remember everything and like to tell us about things that happened earlier in the day or weeks ago. You still mention the carpet nails every once in awhile. You have SO many words and you are starting to put words together (go bye bye, no scout, help momma) and you are loving your puzzles and coloring these days. What else do you say? Momma, Daddy, NeNe, Paw-Paw, Nonny, Uncle Bubba, G, Nana, Grandpa, help, dog, help, lemonade, lawnmower, car, go, garbage truck and too many more for me to name. You love to sing "row your boat" and "abc's".

You have turned a little snarky my sweet man and you definitely make it known when you are demanding out attention. You are starting to want to do things "your way" and can have very little patience when we aren't "getting it". Sometimes we have to drag you inside kicking and screaming and you don't like that very much. As I mentioned, you LOVE to play outside! You love going for walks, we go almost everyday and you climb right in your stroller and are set. You eat with your utensils like a champ though you still like momma to help you :) You give the best hugs and kisses and your laugh warms my soul from the bottom to the top.
You have started saying "nah" (no) and you just kind of nonchalantly say it and shake your head. It's a riot and Daddy and I always mimic it :) To us, it's the only way to say no these days. You have transitioned to our new house seamlessly and I just love that about you. You have so much fun with your friend Atticus down the street - you just sometimes walk down the steps and head on over to his house :) You don't seem to mind where we live, you just love having your momma, daddy and doggies around. You have started loving to watch "Gabba Gabba" and I could watch you dance for hours. You watch football with daddy and say "touchdown!".
Connor - you are our heart and our world. We just love every little thing about you (even the snarkiness). You are the sweetest little blessing, we love you stinky face!

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