Monday, March 29, 2010

New Room!

I have been meaning to post pictures since oh - Christmas when we painted Connor's room (at Nonny's house) but am just now getting around to it! I was starting to get sad that I really was never able to "finish" Connor's nursery since we moved almost right after he arrived and I know it won't be really finished until we move, but my mom is too good to me and let me have at his room here! With the help of my brother, we painted the room and daddy Bj installed a new ceiling fan! We think it looks pretty cute and Connor seems to love it, especially his new bookshelves I made him!

His favorite spot is the little chair with his bookshelves - he sits in his little chair and reads away - he is pretty stinkin sweet!

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Steph said...

looks adorable!!! love it!