Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekend Recap!

Just wanted to share the cute pictures of Mister Mister from this weekend. Doesn't he look so handsome in his little sweater? This same sweater that he was wearing at the store the other day when a kind lady told me what a beautiful little GIRL I had! I smiled and said "yes, I do think HE is awfully beautiful, but he is my son". I was really nice and she just laughed - I mean, his hair is long but it's still not going to make me cut it quite yet :) Maybe I am leaning toward a trim, but not cute quite yet!
We had a nice little weekend at our house - Granny D gave Bj and I two free nights of babysitting for Valentine's day and we cashed them in this weekend to see one of our favorite bands at the Pageant. The shows were great AND I survived going out (past midnight!!) both nights, I was very proud of my old self :) It was really good to get out and hang out with each other for a little while, thanks Granny! Oh, there is also the POSSIBILITY that I wore the same thing both nights - just because I wouldn't stink up two outfit, though I was excited to find out that there was no smoking inside,woo hoo! Other than that we just hung around, cleaned, read books and sent out some orders! It was a nice weekend, I hope everyone had a great weekend too!

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Steph said...

HE is just precious!!! HE looks like a BOY!! She must have not been a very smart lady :) I love it when people say HE for Reagan with a big fat bow in her hair! COME ON!!!! Love ya!! :)