Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Traditions

We have been so excited to start new traditions with our little family around the holidays. I spent a lot of time thinking about traditions in the hospital last year and we can't wait to put them all into motion. This is one tradition we are starting next year, the elf on a shelf.
We can't wait for this cute little bugger to join our family every holiday season, making sure Connor is being nice and not naughty! :)

On a more serious note, I knew that once Connor's birthday rolled around that I wanted to do something with him to give back. We are so fortunate to have him and to be able to give him the things he needs and wants, we want to make sure we are always giving and not just receiving. We had so many amazing doctors, nurses, friends and family helping take care of us in the hospital after Connor's birth, and one thing we received that was so touching was two blankets. People made them so that the NICU babies would be warm. We thought this would be such a great thing to do for the NICU babies this year - make some cozy fleece blankets to keep them warm! It doesn't look like much next to Connor, but we will be sending 15 fleece blankies to the sweet babies in the NICU! This year we decided to send them back to Colorado (thanks for the idea Granny) and next year we will send them somewhere else! We are so thankful for our sweet bugster and the generosity shown from others, it is the least we can do every year to celebrate the birth of our sweet baby boy!

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