Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Our sweet boy said his first "official" word last night...Da-Da!!! The Rice's were over and Caitlin was feeding him dinner and Patrick was talking to him. All of a sudden, with a big smile on his face, he said "Da-Da"! Ah, he is too big!! He loves his daddy, so it was only fitting for him to put together a great first word! He was so proud of himself, he just kept smiling. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that we were all jumping up and down smiling and cheering for him! He has always been a talker (totally not sure where he got that from!) but we have really noticed him starting to understand and put more things together. He LOVES sounds - we have almost the whole bright baby book collection and he loves to listen to us say the words and make the animal sounds. Oh, I just can't believe that before we know it he is going to be talking in sentences and telling stories! I love it!

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Steph said...

oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can't believe it :) i was just looking through pics of when i came to visit that little man fresh out of the hospital!! time is flying and he gets cuter everyday!! :) hope "da-da" enjoys every second of hearing that sweet sound ;)